Zziplex Fishing
UK Manufactured
Since 1970


From the earliest days of Zziplex there was always a high level of hand craftmanship involved in the production of the fishing rod blanks. In most cases Terry Carroll made the rod blanks individually, from hand cutting the composite raw materials to rolling, taping, curing and finally spraying and fitting joints. Demand was high for such impressive and desirable rods, although it could lead to long deliveries.

Terry brought design technology directly to his factory from his own impressive casting and fishing experience. It takes a rare skill to determine what makes a rod really work well in practice, to translating this into manufacturing one from scratch.

Important elements of hand craftmanship will be maintained whilst some manufacturing processes will be transferred to modern rod building machines that can, for example, maintain extremely tight tolerances when working with latest carbon fibre materials. Detailed manufacturing and traceability records will also be a standard part of the production process.

Importantly, Terry’s original formulas for material specifications, resin content and custom mandrel tooling will be rigorously maintained whilst all manufacturing will continue to take place in the UK.